Event Solutions

Some companies like to present case studies; we don’t look at our clients as a case. We provide event solutions for people – for their projects, events, conferences, and programs – so we want to provide examples of some of the solutions we have provided.

Events can be for 20 of your top executives or 25,000 corporate attendees at a meeting or celebration. You define the project, and we can pull together the ideas and partners to make it happen.

When any of our RTP clients need help with an event, our team draws upon our current and ever-growing list of partners and vendors, as well as our individual past event experiences, to create event solutions. We have opened stadiums, hospitals, and museums. We have run CEO summits, partner summits, and community open houses. We have orchestrated all the details for a millennial cruise, and even transformed a working hangar into a venue (and got it back to working in 24 hours).

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