Our Team

Jeanne Berry



From the age of 10, I’ve had big aspirations, including being the first female president of the US (luckily for the nation, that dream faded!). Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, I knew I would own a business doing something I loved. Today, RealTime Productions is my passion and lifeline. I enjoy creating lasting relationships with our clients and watching my team turn dreams into reality. I’m so proud of the work they do. That’s the fun of this business; it’s not a 9-5 job, and I embrace the craziness.

Years in the industry:  Way too many. I don’t want to give away my age!

My must have show snack:  Dark chocolate-covered espresso beans

Karin Weltman

VP of Project Management and Operations


I love events because of the end result – seeing the hard work payoff and come together to produce an experience. I look at all possible scenarios and strive for flawless execution. Handling budgets for our major events helps me see the big picture, and challenges me to balance to the penny every time. I lead by example, while mentoring others along the way. My family is key to keeping me balanced – with two energetic kids at home, my husband and I stay plenty busy!

Years in the industry:  20+

My must have show snack:  Baked cheddar sour cream chips

Lisa Perrone

Senior Project Manager


I started out as the first remote employee at RealTime Productions, thinking my job was temporary and too good to be true. Fast-forward 24 years…I am still lucky enough to be managing the Southern California territory and loving every moment of my always-changing projects. I’m a Pisces and prefer to be near water any chance I get. My favorite things include laughing with my two amazing kids, running, dancing, traveling, dabbling in photography, and reading cooking magazines.

Years in the industry:  27

My must have show snack:  Dark chocolate

Milissa Burke

Senior Project Manager


I consider myself very lucky to have found my niche in the events industry. I’ve worked on a multitude of events in countries I could never have imagined I would ever visit. I am very passionate about the events I work on, the people I work with, and the complexity that goes along with every program. My favorite part of managing events is the challenge of space planning and the execution of attendee flow. It is so satisfying to see what you visualized on paper come to life. Events are never dull and I feel incredibly proud to be part of an industry with so many talented people. I have made so many friends “in the biz” I can’t imagine where my life would be today if I hadn’t stumbled upon event planning more than 20 years ago! In my free time I love hanging out with friends, finding sun in Mexico, going to rock concerts, or just puttering around my house and doting on my pets – my Yorkie-Poo Millie and my 5 cats – Leo, Lucky, Leroy, Lucy and Spencer.

Years in the industry:  26

My must have show snack:  Coffee and Pop-Tarts

Kim Pratt

Senior Project Manager


I’ve returned to my roots at RealTime Productions, the company I co-founded with Jeanne Berry, after raising a family in peaceful Buckley, WA. Bottom line…I love my job. To have a vision and make that vision a reality is just plain amazing. Using my natural abilities and gifts towards creating events and managing logistics and budgets is pure joy. These days when I am not in front of my computer screen working I am at a gym watching my son or daughter play club and select volleyball, and I LOVE every minute of it! We often join in the fun and play too which is an excellent way to burn off steam. My family is just what I need to keep all the chaos of events in balance.

Years in the industry:  25

My must have show snack:  Dark chocolate and sea salt caramels

Jen Thorson

Senior Project Manager


I am a driven team player with a passion for innovation, customer service, and post-it-notes. I have experience across both events and marketing, with an understanding of how a marketing events program should drive sales and brand momentum for an organization. I enjoy travelling, scuba diving with my husband, cuddling with my son and daughter, and going on adventures looking for black bears with my chocolate lab, Caribou Lou.



Years in the industry: 12

My must have show snack:  Dum-Dums

Gina Broel

Senior Project Manager


Events have been a core part of nearly every job I’ve had in my career – from the marketing & communications side, to the hands-on logistics & budget management side. There’s something about seeing ideas and details come to life, working with amazingly creative teams, and delivering awesome client and customer experiences that is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. I’m a big believer in enjoying what you do, both professionally and personally. Laughter and humor are must-haves in my life (I consider laughing my ab workout of choice). Outside of work, you’ll likely find my husband and me on the soccer field watching our daughter compete, and eating out a lot (cooking dinner may be an event I haven’t exactly mastered).

Years in the industry:  20+

My must have show snack:  Peanut M&Ms

Stacy White

Senior Project Manager


Teamwork. It’s key to pulling off a successful event, and it’s the thing I love the most about working in the event industry. Over the years, I’ve had the fortune and delight of working many types of events, with different roles and responsibilities – as a decorator, a booth manager, on logistics and creative development, speaker/content management – with each presenting its own rewards and challenges. Through my continuing journey, I’ve found that the one common must-have element that you’ll find in ALL successful events, is teamwork. With an effective team, you can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, deliver a great event, AND have a great time doing it. It’s this collaborative aspect that drew me into the realm of events, and what keeps me coming back for more! When I’m not cranking on a project, you can find me behind the torch in my metalsmithing shop (I heart silver), elbows-deep in the dirt in my community garden plot, or wrangling my at-home menagerie, which includes a bunch of four-legged beasties and my wonderful husband.

Years in the industry: 18

My must have show snack: Coffee and bacon

Diane Smith

Copy and Content Manager


I’m a copy and project wrangler—an experienced production manager and editor specializing in event content, attendee communications and marketing. Think: event apps, conference guides, websites, email comms and blogs, as well as session titles and abstracts, PPTs and more. A motivated leader and achiever I focus on delivering consistent quality, on time and on budget.

Years in the industry:  20+

My must have show snack:  Coffee, coffee and more coffee!

Marti Castillo, CMP

Senior Project Manager


As far back as childhood, I have been an event planner at heart. I was the girl hosting the big parties, beach bonfires, holiday celebrations, and organizing all types of road trips and vacations. With every job in my adult career path over the past 30 years, event planning has been my passion. I’m enthusiastic about events – it’s the people at the event: the speakers, the attendees and the event team that drive me to produce the best events. When I’m not running around producing events you can find me slalom waterskiing or fostering kittens from the local animal shelter.

Years in the industry:  30+

My must have show snack: Chocolate Cocoa Puffs

Cynthia Daste

Senior Project Manager


With over 25 years of event planning experience I feel like I have seen and experienced it all, yet every event brings forth something new and different.  I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and building the relationships that follow.  Give me an idea for an event and I will run with it from concept to execution and everything in between. The logistics and details are what excite me.  I have planned events ranging from intimate Board Retreats to a two-day concert with six bands. When I am not in event mode you will find me reading my collection of cooking magazines or enjoying pairing food with wine.  I also love spending time with my family and my pup Jules!

Years in the industry:  25+

My must have show snack:  Pistachio’s

Marsha Terry

Senior Project Manager


My extensive years of experience of supporting national and global events will easily prove to be a positive addition to your team. With more than 30 years of worldwide logistics and project management experience and seamless execution of client, customer, and partner events, I come with a positive, can-do attitude. Having honed problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills over the years has helped navigate the sometimes-precarious world of event management. With a successful track record juggling multiple projects and working across functional groups I work to build consensus and drive uniform strategy that accomplish business goals.

Years in the industry:  30+

My must have show snack: Coke Zero and dark chocolate

Piper Scalise

Senior Project Manager


I am a dedicated project manager specializing in event strategy, ideation, and consumer satisfaction. I thrive in a fast-paced environment and welcome change. I enjoy bringing teams together to collaborate and deliver the perfect end result. My event superpower is problem solving, with my attention to detail and organizational skills, I have room to jive if something goes wrong onsite. A seasoned event marketing professional for the past 17 years I’ve worked in several industries from tech, healthcare and wine. When I’m not onsite or working behind the scenes, I’m hiking with my family of four, sipping a glass of champagne, or cracking jokes.

Years in the industry:  17+

My must have show snack:  Anything with caffeine!

Jenny Murphy

Senior Project Manager


As a Project Manager and Corporate Meeting Planner for the last 20 years I have lead large-scale event productions of all kinds. My experience incorporates many industries icluding tech, financial, hospitality, marketing, and entertainment. I have lead and planned large scale events to more intimate gatherings. I have a complete understanding of what each player or element needs to work smoothly with the whole, along with exceptional organizational skills and a strong work ethic. I think of myself as the creative engine behind extraordinary event experiences. I bring imagination to the event concept, precision and rigor to the event planning process, and deliver flawless events.

Years in the industry:  20+

My must have show snack:  Dark chocolate covered almonds