Virtual Events

While the events industry was already knee-deep into online event planning prior to the current pandemic, the COVID-19 restrictions on in-person or Face-to-Face (F2F) events has exponentially accelerated our experience with virtual presentations.  

Virtual events do share similarities with in-person live events, but simply layering the structure of an F2F event onto a virtual platform often fails (as we’ve witnessed in the past 6 months). Because virtual events seek to capture the attention of a remote attendee (who can be drawn away by unlimited distractions), event owners need to prioritize audience engagement and networking when designing their virtual event.

Some of the elements which can promote the success of a virtual event are:

  • Clear understanding of the event focus and strategy 
  • Event platform selection – choosing the right platform to best accommodate your focus (we have the skills and the connections).
  • Seasoned event managers to ensure you event is streamlined (there’s nothing like poor event flow to prompt a remote viewer to drop off)
  • Engaging presenters (There’s available talent out there, as well as training for those who need it)
  • Tools and Apps to increase your ability to capture your attendee (games and feedback apps are great tools to increase attendee engagement and capture feedback data, but they are only effective if they work with your presentation platform – we’re here to make sure they do.) 

If you want to educate your audience, get eyes on your new product, or touch base with your staff…choose RealTime Productions for your virtual event!

What we can help you with…

Event Strategy and Design

  • Tools and Platforms
  • Vendor selection


  • Staging/Studios- to increase your presentation value!
  • Entertainment
  • Audio/Visual (critical online)
  • Lighting design (ramps up a professional image)
  • Video & multi-media

Logistics Management

  • Contract negotiations
  • Budget development & management
  • Creative services management
  • Registration
  • Speaker management
  • Sponsor and exhibitor sales
  • Attendee services
  • Evaluation form creation & post-event analysis
  • Exhibit management