The operations team at a global software company needed someone to manage three distinct worldwide award programs from end-to-end. They needed a manager with the expertise to drive the programs’ processes, timelines, and deliverables, and to function as the liaison to worldwide awards and field managers. This person would need to possess the technical acumen to understand the back-end functionality of the online nominations tool, as well as make recommendations for process improvements. In addition, a help desk professional was required to resolve issues quickly and independently for worldwide awards managers and end-users. The PM would step into this project near the start of the new fiscal year’s program launch, requiring her to learn the diverse programs, tool functionality, and key stakeholders quickly.


A RealTime PM joined the team in this long-term role because of her management and leadership experience, ability to manage complex programs, skill at determining process improvements, and excellent communication. She was able to contribute her ability to work with cross-functional teams, ensuring all stringent deadlines were met, while working as a team member and very autonomously. She possessed the technical and help desk savvy needed, as well.


Successfully launched new programs and ensured they were running smoothly. With the PM efficiently running these programs autonomously, minimal client oversight was necessary. The PM made recommendations for more efficient processes to the worldwide online nominations tool and served as program, process flow, and tool issues help desk, allowing the manager to focus on other management responsibilities.

Key responsibilities included:

  • Operations ownership and management of three distinct awards programs
  • Program communications to all parties
  • Management of quarterly nomination and approval processes
  • Quarterly winner payouts and summary reports working with the operations finance team
  • Content management for several principal SharePoint program sites, including content development and posting on the global field information site
  • Content development for monthly/quarterly newsletters
  • Technical tool problem resolution and back-end management
  • Creative decisions on awards design and vendor company management
  • Trophy distribution process and vendor company management
  • Winner survey development and reports analysis
  • Created the new fiscal year online nomination tool site mock-ups (layout, functionality, process flow, approval requirements, and geographic allocations), and delivered to development team
  • Revised nomination tool user’s guide to reflect new programs and processes
  • Created a program manager’s guide describing the process flow, nomination tool functionality, and timeline for managing these three distinct award programs ensuring the future continuity of a well-run program
  • Proposed the development of a new global nominations tool and helped to create the initial business requirements document necessary for its approval and development