With the impending joint launch of two major software products, it was imperative to communicate critical launch information to the worldwide general managers and their teams in the field. The business marketing organization needed someone who could work across marketing, public relations, field and partner readiness, sales, and technical teams to create a comprehensive guide containing information crucial to field readiness and launch. The deliverable timeframe was extremely short: one and a half months from inception to completion.


A RealTime Productions program manager was hired to manage the development of a comprehensive readiness kit. She worked closely with key executive management and launch leads for both products, effectively managed project development, cross-team collaboration, communications, schedule, and content reviews. This project involved the collection and organization of vast amounts of data and the collaboration with a multitude of individuals across marketing, PR, field and partner readiness, sales, and technical teams. Visio was used to create an online timeline and the kit and calendar were posted to the internal joint launch portal.


Our PM jumped in and completed this valuable resource in 45 days. The company’s GMs and their teams received a comprehensive guide and timeline, which they put to use in the vital launch activities needed for a successful worldwide joint product launch. The division VP praised our project manager for the readiness kit’s value.